AttendeesAlerter - reminds meetings to your guests - overview
A meeting reminder for Mac OS X
Sends email reminders to people invited to a meeting planned in iCal.
  • periodically checks your iCal calendars
  • searches for meetings (events) with guests (attendees) assigned
  • if a meeting will occur in a few days sends a reminder email to every guest
  • compatible with Mac Intel computers and older ones
  • sends emails using Apple's Mail
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Download AttendeesAlerter
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MacIntel compatible

Version 1.4
Solved a minor bug.

This is a shareware product, try it before buying. If you like it purchase a license for only 14.99$.

    configurable options:
    • the reminder email subject, content and sender
    • which iCal calendars will be searched for meetings
    • the number a days of advance on meetings for email sending